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Victoria's Journal

1st September, 2006. 12:13 pm. September, OH my gosh!

Another fall is rolling toward us. How did summer go so fast? I'm having a very nice time in quiet little Milwaukie, just not doing much at all. I think I'll take a nap. That's kind of how it goes. I golf, walk, visit friends, do a little service work, write letters, talk on the phone, ride my bike, and wonder what my former students are doing. Only Krysty is posting at this time. Thank goodness someone is. Of course, I am an offender also if the posting police come along.
I've been on a couple of trips which were a blast. Writing is slow right now. Naps win out. That isn't right, but things like buing a new canoe are taking me out of the writing mindset.
I'm going to work at MHS reg. on Tuesday. It will remind me how lucky I am not to work there full time. I'd love to hear from anyone in the area. Take care,

Current mood: sleepy.

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21st July, 2006. 11:24 am. Hot Days in the Summertime

Howdy folks,
I'm at Spring Creek coffee house in Milwaukie on the corner of McLoughlin and Scott, where they have wifi and don't ever hassle you for hanging out. They even have free music on Friday nights usually, but not tonight with the carnival and Milwaukie Daze going on. They have to call it Riverfest now. Tomorrow they are having jetboat rides from the boatramp I hear. The parade is at 10:00. I'm sure you will want to go. there are fireworks at 10:00 Sat. night also. Big doin's in our little town. Construction across from the library makes driving there a mess so if you come on down, be prepared to park and walk a ways. Forget Harrison street!

I've been out of town so much I am not anxious to leave again. Kevin and I went to the Fishtrap writing conference together last week. I got a kick in the rear on the writing, and Kevin got totally hyped on writing songs and playing guitar. That will be interesting to watch evolve. It has inspired me to use my own guitar more now also which is good.

Since my trip to the Amish country, I'm much lower in activity level and I love it. More naps, less stress. That's the way it should always be. I'm diggin' it.

Hope to see some of you soon.
Miss Vicki

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1st June, 2006. 1:24 pm. Preparing for Amish Country

Soon I will be leaving to travel primarily with my mother to Lancaster County, PA. During the first week, I will visit friends and family, and then she and I will drive to begin our one week tour. I'm in the throes of the packing and errands to get ready. Running around shopping for little things I need and making lists of things to tell my husband about paying bills etc. while I am gone.

I am pleased that Mom can travel at 82. We will see if she can keep up with the group. The tour is the lowest activity level available with Elderhostel, and I think she will be fine. I'm taking a collapsable cane just in case.

I think I should have planned a much shorter trip, but I should have plenty of time to see everyone I wish to. I'm looking forward to seeing my best home town friend who I have known since sixth grade. I get to stay with her for a while, which is great.

So not much time to update really, but I wanted to check in and tell people I am still interested in their lives.

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15th May, 2006. 8:12 pm. MHS Band bus burns!

In case no one watched the news recently, just last Sat. the band bus (a charter RAZ job) caught on fire and burned everyone's instruments, but thankfully, not the kids or Mr. VanWinkle or the driver. It was very scary. Kids who had tuxes burned then improvised and went to the prom that night! Glad I wasn't there.

I worked at the school today in SS and only heard about the trauma second hand. They are accepting donations to help replace the lost instruments, cases etc.

It is 90 here! Yuck. I can't take it this hot any more!

I went to Reno recently to see my daughter. Quite awesome and fun.


Current mood: hot.

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17th April, 2006. 11:18 pm. Hail, thunder, Oregon spring

My window is bright with changes, blinding sun to storming hail. What an interesting day. I made it through all of my errands without getting wet! I still have a yoga class tonight though. I'm guessing I will get quite wet sometime soon.

I'm up to my ears in Emerson and Thoreau these days in prep for my class at church starting tomorrow. I can't wait to see who shows up. I guess there about 25 signed up. I have enjoyed all of the reading which is so much more than I needed to do for the short form in high school.

Wed. I get to go see Laura for her late spring break. She has a new rental house with her husband which will be big enough to give me a guest room. I can go cheaper! So great!

I'm busier than heck! I hope to cut back next year. Summer will be a real vacation. I am in evaluation of student teachers from Lewis and Clark, and subbing, and lots of work at church. It's a bit crazy!

I love reading all of my friends updates, so I must remember to do my postings as well. At least once every few weeks right?

I got contacted by an old high school friend through classmates.com last week. That was very cool!

Oh, and last but not least, I have an article coming out in the next Oregon English Journal at the end of May. The topic is teachers, and I wrote about my 8th grade English teacher, Miss Gibson. I'm really happy it is going to be in the teacher issue. She made quite an impression on me, in both good and bad ways.

Take care, keep in touch,
Ms. Vicki

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17th March, 2006. 12:00 am. Quiet time

And so, I return to the land of the living. Yes, there is life after travel. Surprisingly enough, I am happy to be home and just doing menial house stuff. I'm taking some interesting classes also in community ed. My first Spanish class, Mary Oliver poetry, and then another class with my husband on planning our future together. I'm also planning my own course to teach on The Transcendentalists from April-May at the church. I have an Emerson scholar taking the class, so prep is quite time consuming, although I will be tapping him as a good resource in the class.

I've been subbing at MHS a bit, and supervising my two student teachers this year also. It is great, but I may just be a little too busy!
Ms. Vicki

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18th January, 2006. 9:16 pm. Up for air

I'm surprised it has been so long since I have made an entry. Yikes! That is strange, but we had our trip to Reno, then came home to start painting and redecorating to make one room a library. Now that it is done, I love it!! The colors are bright and the books are actually organized in categories.

Laura came home for New Years which was fun. We had lots of shopping and movie time. The drive for her was brutal through the snow to and from Reno. I don't think she will be doing that on her own again.

I've been subbing a bit at MHS and enjoying it. The writing is at a standstill right now while my study is torn up, but my goal is to create a lovely writing room for myself. I feel so blessed.

I enjoy reading everyone's updates. I will try to write more often myself.


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28th November, 2005. 9:33 am. Reno, Nevada

I am sitting in my daughter's classroom at Reno High School-period 2. Science M&M lab! Probabilities. We sure didn't do anything like this in my high school science class. We worked out of a workbook, period. I guess we did have to do a gross dissection, and I barely got through that.
Anyway, it is really fun to see my daughter teaching. I'm elated that she invited me in. We leave to go home at noon by Southwest Airlines.
NaNoWriMo kind of got put aside during this trip in favor of visiting Lake Tahoe, Truckee, California, the Donner Memorial Museum...complete with the cannibalism story...I guess it could give me some new ideas for the novel. I'm going to keep going, but I just couldn't do it on vacation.
Congratulations to those of you who pursued. I'm impressed.
I'm ready to be home. We stretched out our $10.00 each for five days on the slots. Had our ups and downs...are not bringing any change home. I don't dare gamble more than that!

Current mood: awake.

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11th November, 2005. 7:46 pm. Veteran's Day

Today was very stormy. I wasn't out any more than I had to be. I did grocery shop, and then stayed in to do some cooking and writing. I got a nice encouraging e-mail from the Oregon coordinator of NaNoWriMo saying that TV isn't really worth the time away from our novels. I don't think I can bear to watch any more news. It is so depressing.

My novel needs more conflict. I am not going anywhere with conflict. I guess if I at least know what it needs, I can work on that. I am not sure the multiple point of view thing is working either, but for now, I'm still going with it. I'm ready to throw it out all together, but then I'd feel bad. I think I will discover some kernel worth saving in this process.

This weekend has some fun stuff ahead, coaching a friend in her writing, seeing friends at a meeting and a party, a music and worship service on sunday,and a play on Sunday evening.

In between: more writing!

Best of luck to other writers.

Current mood: sleepy.

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8th November, 2005. 4:47 pm. Life is infringing on NaNoWriMo

So the rest of the world simply will not stop so I can have uninterrupted writing time! Hmmmm. This could be a problem. I do have dinner figured out for tonight, but my husband may want to talk to me. He's written a short play for a class and wants to read it to me. I don't want to appear totally self-centered, but I don't have time! So I'd better stop typing here and get back to the writing before he gets home.

PS Living History Day was once again amazing for year #10. I saw many students and teachers for hellos and hugs. It was fun for me and my two WWII vets who I took, and my friend, Sarah. It was lovely not to have to be in charge of a class though.

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