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27 August
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UPDATED BIO: I'm a writer. I retired from teaching this fall, so I am becoming used to TIME on my hands to do with what I wish!!! Happy me! I have new writing goals, goals to organize my house, and goals to become even more healthy. I'm so blessed. I've been clean and sober for 20 years this Dec. 26, and that has improved my life and my feelings about my life immensely.I sponsor many women in 12 step programs.
I'm the proud mom of a 23 year old biology teacher (first year in 2004-2005). I've been married for 15 years, and feel like the next 15 years will even be better. I like reading, camping, hiking, music, sleep, and tennis.
My former students turned me on to LJ which I love. Life is good.

FORMER BIO: PRE-RETIREMENT I am a person who can't leave high school! I have chosen to stay in middle/high school for 29 years longer than most people. I love being with hundreds of my good friends every day. I can't get enough social contact. I am either extremely socially gifted or certifiably insane. You make the call. I have written journals the old-fashioned way for 40 years. 2003 is year 41! I am old!!!(compared to my students, that is) I fit right in at the high school, but I have to work pretty hard as an English/American Lit and Creative Writing teacher. Teaching is still a gas!
Personally, I am married and have a daughter who is 21 and planning her wedding.The poor child attended the school at which I teach, but we handled it well and became extremely close in the process. She is taking the reins soon as a biology teacher after one more year of college/student teaching.
I like writing and reading. I love socializing. I love getting to know my students better than just in the classroom through livejournal and Writers' Club. We really get crazy at the club.
My life is full. I do lots of service work outside of my profession helping young women with problems face "life on life terms."
My life is blessed with a strong spiritual foundation which carries me through every day in high school.